God Called An Angel

God called an angel,
She quickly went His way,
Faithful to the end,
His loving voice she did obey.

Special children held her heart,
Each child she truly loved,
Day by day she gave her all,
Praising the Lord above.

Quilt after quilt for the little children,
Tiredness she did not heed,
First and foremost in her heart,
Was the special child's need.

God looked down upon His child,
Diligent in her daily quest,
Bringing happiness to sick children,
He knew she always did her best.

Going when the road was rough,
Her health needing special care,
God brought her through trials before,
Her life she continued to share.

Tired in body yet dedicated to the end,
Posting quilts for her special ones,
Giving hope and happiness to child after child,
God called her home when the last was done.

I know heaven is a richer place,
For Gramma Mimi entered in,
Earth has lost an angel true,
Without her how do we begin.

Her devotion knew no bounds,
Her gentle spirit hope imparts,
Her strength powered us all,
Her love touched many hearts.

Gayle Davis© AKA LadyGayle
September 29, 2006

GM we will miss you.
You have left a lasting mark
Upon thousands of lives with
Your generous outpouring of love

In January 2003, Grammi Mimi, myself and another friend opened the doors to Quilts of Love. We all had the same goal ~ to use our graphic and poetic skills to bring some extra smiles into the lives of countless children who suffer from life long / life threatening medical conditions. We wanted to reach out and let these children and their families know that, although we were strangers, we care.

We were joined immediately by a small core group of other friends who had the same goals. Over the years, we've had members come and go; usually they go when their 'real' lives just no longer allow them the time they need to quilt for the children. Our 3rd co-founder left in 2004 and Gramma Mimi and I continued on with the support and generously offered talent of this wonderful group of Quilts of Love Angels.

Gramma Mimi lovingly made quilts; made the backgrounds for the quilt pages, uploaded each quilt for the children and redesigned our entire website in mid 2004. Although she worked a full time job at the Kennedy Space Center in FL, she always found the time to reach out and touch the lives of our children.

We called her our friend and our sister. We loved her for her giving spirit and special talents. It had been a rough year for Gramma Mimi; she had open heart surgery in March 2006 and had a long recovery period, but was so anxious to get back to doing her work, quietly and unpretentiously, for Quilts of Love.

On Sept 27, 2006 she had one more surgery scheduled; a major surgery but not one that we were worried about. We just wanted her to have it and be able to recover and put this year behind her and to feel good once again.

Although Gramma Mimi made it successfully through that surgery, she passed away a short time later very suddenly. I'm not sure we'll ever come to terms with how quickly she was gone and we all feel so saddened to be left behind without her in our lives. I have a strong belief that she was met at Heaven's gates by the children who had passed before her after her loving touch had reached out to them in their lifetime through Quilts of Love. It must have been a great reunion.

Knowing that she would have expected me to keep Quilts of Love open and continue the journey we were on together, that is just what I will do. Things may change a bit, it may have a little different look, but the love put into Quilts of Love will be here because her spirit lives in our hearts. She taught us all well and we will continue our work in her memory now.

Please keep Gramma Mimi's family in your prayers as their face the new 'normal' of their lives without her and please keep all of us at Quilts of Love in your prayers.

God Bless,
Jean Ilderton

Music playing is "Without You"
© MC Shelly
and used with permission.