"Quilts of Love"


Hello to you, and welcome my friend

We invite you to visit  for awhile

Come see what we are busy doing

It’s sure to bring a happy smile


A smile…because we care so much

For all the special children here

Our pleasure is making virtual quilts

To show you how much we care


Colorful quilts, expressing our love

For children we’ve come to know

A gift from our hearts, hoping to

Make each little face ....glow


People visit from all parts of the world

Some put in their special request

Then all of our Angels work together

Making sure we do, our very best


First we add big handfuls of love

Then pretty squares that bring such joy

We stitch them together with many prayers

For that very special,  girl or boy


It’s these very special children

That give our heartstrings a tug

Our goal is to spread some happiness

Sending it off with love and a hug!


Copyright © 2004 Judith Johnson Kypta

Hugs from the Quilting Angels

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Owner of Oak Creek Software

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